Do you offer the right services to your fans in your stadium? Do they get value for money?

Do you have the right marketing programs in place to reach passionate fans?

Do your ticket prices reflect the market demand?

Need a new ticketing system? Can you cope with changing marketing needs?

Leagues, clubs, venue owners and event organizers are structurally aiming for full venues. Loyal fans who, week after week, contribute to a festive atmosphere. Full venues not only contribute to higher direct income from ticket sales and spendings, but also increase the interest of media and sponsors to affiliate with the event. At DE KRUIF Consultancy we developed an holistic approach to maximize sales and attendance at your venue or event and to optimize income from your venue. Call now +31 6 57 181838 and see what we can do for you.



Full service ticketing management, including sales, technical solutions and marketing campaigns.

RRevenue management

Optimise match day revenues by defining right pricing strategies for each event.


Positioning, branding, proposition development, marketing planning and implementation.

VVenue operations

Venue operations, including access management, security and event operations.

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